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The Story

I have always enjoyed singing. The first time I demonstrated my voice to the world was in August 1978. Since then it has shaped me and vice versa. At the age of six I started to play the piano. If I had had the choice I would have preferred to play the recorder like all my friends. However, my parents insisted on the piano.
Today, I am very grateful.

stands for a time of the last 14 years.
A time I have started to develop my own musical voice and expression. It did not satisfy me anymore to play classical music only. I wanted to improvise and be creative.

stands for a time of observing, listening and writing. It is incredibly fascinating how many stories life tells us. Having the chance to hear them is even more fascinating. Some of the stories I write down and whilst writing I sometimes hear a melody. This melody leads me to composing a musical story.

is only a short moment, a phase before tomorrow begins.
Today I give performances for everyone who would like to listen
to my musical stories.
I play for people who do not have the opportunity to
listen to the stories of life.
I play for all those who might have forgotten to listen
to the stories their own life tells them.
I play for people who would like to enjoy a pleasant evening and get
carried away by music.

I play for you.





The Facts

August 1978

First cry


Piano tuition


Member of the Kinder Musical Company (KMC) Linz, Director: Nicola Howes


BA in Dance and Theatre Performance, London, Sidup Kent

June 2001

first song fully finished (composition and lyrics)

since 06/2001

Further compositions
solo performances in Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Vienna, London
cooperations with other solo artists and performers




Katy with Eric Moser (guitar)


Katy with Anna Maria Hofstätter (cello)


Katy with Tube Explosion (Katy, vocals and lyrics; Eric Moser, bass; Gerald Steiner, guitar and clarinett; Herwig Schinnerl, drums; Michael Kastler, trumpet)

since 09/2003

Member of the All female Irish Folkband Toora Loora Ladies


Solo performance in London, Battersea
04/2005 Solo performance in London, Battersea


Fête de la musique, London
07/2005 Spice of Live, London
08/2005 Spice of Live, London
09/2005 Grundsteinfestival, Vienna



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