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Hedgehog's Winter
Imagine one sunny day
white fields and white woods
in winter

Imagine one little hedgehog
awakening from sleep
Imagine you are little hedgehog
in winter
with similar thoughts and dreams
you cannot bare the thought of
being asleep
miss the fun and the beauty of snow
you're aware of the fact
you won't know in advance
which face of winter you'll see

But soon you could find out
Disregard any doubts
Explore the spirit of life
Seize the time
Seize the day

Girl In Disguise
Young girl in disguise
Retires from this world
By closing her eyes
And fading away

For Once
For once let me be
Don’t ask who or even why
Only once let me be
Without a smile

Till You See
I’ll keep standing at the window
Till you see who I am
‘ Cause I’m your friend, part of your soul
I am destined to change your life
Why can’t you see who I am
I am meant to be with you
I’ll keep standing at the window
Till you see who I am

Men are from Mars
Women from Venus
Different languages that we use
Will we ever understand another
Or will we always be confused?

To Evade
Excuse me, may I ask
I’ve seen you passing with wondering mind
Is there doubt in your eyes
Or a fear of human kind
I see you walking to evade.
Excuse me, can I explain
I won’t keep asking instead refrain
But please don’t get it wrong
How I approach
Don’t want to intimidate
I see you walking to evade

I talked to my friend about desires and dreams
And thoughts that keep me awake throught the night
I told her my dream about the iceberg I hit
While I was wondering through desert land
She couldn’t believe but understood pretty well
What fear lies beneath

Nothing Is
Nothing in life is for granted, nor am I.
But if you kiss me right here
And if you touch me down there
I can guarantee to be your extacy
Yet, if you kiss someone else
Or even touch yourself
I can guarantee I will be gone
‘ cause nothing in life is for granted, nor am I!

It’s when words slip my lips
That I realise what I’ve said
And not so much the What I said
But how it came across to you
That matters to me

Her Picture
She knows it’s gonna take some time
Till memories start to fade
Times are always changing
For better or worse
You never know
Times are always changing
As people come and go

That Day
Do you remember that day
The day I admitted I couldn’t go on
Ever wondered how things would be
If I hadnt gone different ways
I wonder
Where would I be
What would I do
Who would I be
If I had stayed
Yet, I had to escape
I wanted to flee from myself
And who I was going to be
If I had stayed

Unspoken word
Unwritten rule
Overwhelming feeling
Have you heard for some time the unspoken word
Have you lived for a while by the unwritten rule
Have you felt overwhelmed by the thought of
No one said it will be easy
No one said it can’t be done
Commitment takes a little more effort
No one said its always fun


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